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Select Jewelry For Sophisticated Women

Jewelry, since time began offers a host of the mythical and superstitious. Some stones have healing powers, others will fend off sickness, offer protection, give courage and will even draw in the opposite sex. We have all sensed at onetime what our birth stone is and what it symbolizes. As there’s only twelve months in the year this provides us only the possibility of twelve different gem stones. We are acquainted January being the Garnet, a cousin to the Ruby, February the Amethyst, March the Aquamarine, April the Diamond, May the Emerald, June the Pearl, July the Ruby, August the Peridot, September the Sapphire, October the Opal, November the Topaz and December the Turquoise. Although this is all well and good there are more very fine stones out there that were not lucky enough to be selected as a stone of the month.

Malachite, Lapis Lazuli and Opal spring to mind as do Onyx, Tiger eye and Jade. Totally creditable stones in their own right and if you prefer to make one of them your own personal favorite, well who’s going to arrest you. The stone assigned to be your own just because you were born in that month may not be a color that you warm up to instinctively.

If you bechance to be a devotee of the more variety that Jade affords you over Emerald shall we say, then by all means select that. Jade is the bringer of repose, wisdom, long life and a peaceful death. Emerald imparts healing, success in business and to be able to fortell the future. Hmm. Tell the future? Bring those Emeralds on. Well perhaps not. Knowing the future may not be such a great thing after all, but you get my drift here.

The wearing of Malachite is supposed to be beneficial to the eyes and blood sugar levels. Lapis Lazuli is purported to make us more kind and helpful and is the stone of faithfulness. I once saw a open fireplace surround in King Ludwig’s Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria made of Lapis. It was a bit extravagant but no doubt flamboyant in its luxury as non jewelry.

The primordial connection that Tiger Eye represents is as invoking as animal print silks. It has a luminosity that has a general attractiveness and is known as a custodial stone and treats eye disease. I guess the eyes have it. Naturally there’s a lot more to gems, stones, silver and gold but for now we have scratched the surface and afforded ourselves the opportunity to delve a little further next time. For now, simply go out and look, touch and experience the wonder of the bauble and who knows, perhaps one will verbalize its own exceptional language to you.

Whilst living in the Orient for 23 years Barbara was able to study jewelry and is able to speak authoritatively about the subject. Please take a moment to gain further information at Barbara’s Jewelry Box. To view a collection of ‘one of a kind’ Wearable Art also visit Naga’s Jewelry. You will find pieces on view quite delightful and also very select. Thank you for visiting with us. Greetings from Hawaii.