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Sclerotherapy Treatments Can Reduce Spider Veins

Individuals having an issue with spider veins or varicose veins often turn to sclerotherapy treatments. These individuals often see 50 to 90% reduction of problem veins. To see the results they have to undergo several treatments over the course of several months.

In addition to providing effective remedy therapy through sclerotherapy treatments professionals can offer basic preventive advice. Actively attempting to prevent spider veins/varicose veins isn’t a guarantee of avoidance, but it can greatly reduce the risk for occurrence. Preventive methods include:

1. Support hose; while wearing the very tight support hose can be uncomfortable, hot and inconvenient those who have gone through the experience can attest that the discomfort is worth the results. Avoiding problems with varicose veins is worth a bit of discomfort.

2. Individuals who maintain a healthy weight are less likely to experience varicose veins. Individuals who suffer from obesity experience increased risks for many common illnesses and diseases. But when it comes to varicose veins that risks are greatly increased by weight issues; especially obesity.

3. Regular exercise: circulation health increases with regular exercise. Regular exercise can benefit the general health in many ways. One way in which it benefits individuals is through circulation system health; in particular the reduction of unwanted blood vessels.

4. Eating a high fiber diet

5. Wearing shoes with little to no heel

6. Protecting skin from the sun: this effectively reduces the probabilities for varicose veins issues in the facial area.

Sclerotherapy removes visible veins. And they also result in a reduction of the symptoms associated with varicose veins. These symptoms can be minimal or they can be extreme. They include: nocturnal leg cramps and burning, swelling and aching in the legs. Women typically suffer from varicose veins more often than men. But both men and women can benefit from proper treatment for varicose veins.

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