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Science And Its Wonders

Recent years have seen a distinct rise in the demand for tanning lotions. This upward movement on the demand curve has been speculated in most western countries where the white and pink skinned population like to get some color on their skin through tanning.

Due to scientific researches, people are becoming more aware about the harmful effects of suns rays on the skin and therefore there has been a change in the thinking process of people who are now opting out of direct sun tanning for health purposes.

Indoor tanning lotions

As the scientific studies altered the mind-set of people they became more careful about the harmfull effects of sun rays and stayed indoors instead of going out in the sun to get a tan. This pushed the discovery and availability of indoor tanning lotion to suit the need of those who want a darker skin.

Thus, simply in this way we can get a sun tan sitting at home or a salon and also avoid the tension of getting harmed by the suns rays.

Advancement in medical sciences and its studies lead to the discovery of tanning [lotions|creams that were in demand with people who desired to get darker skin color. Reports on dangers related to suns rays were the foundation which forced the development and production of tanning lotions.

Cashing in on the trend of Lotions

A plethora of companies opened up trying to cash in on this new trend. Each company coming out with its own line of tanning lotions making tall claims which only a few manage to meet. These tanning lotions are available in wholesale quantities for those people looking to offer them for sale at their retail outlet.

Most Popular brands

Since the requirement for tanning lotions is on the rise more and more supermarkets and general stores are stacking up on tanning lotions that cover the shelf space in the skin care and beauty section. Body Drench by John Abate, Super by Australian Gold and Fiesta Sun by Swedish Beauty are amongst the most popular tanning lotion brands circulating in the market today.

Interestingly, this new era tanning lotions are being bought at an alarming high rate in the market. Buying them at wholesale quantities, with reduced cost per bottle, means the shopkeepers are earning considerably large amount of money.

Easy way to buy these tanning lotions in large quantity is to get an access to the internet. Looking for the wholesalers that deal with a whole variety of brands will be the right solution.

Carrying out a market research is vital before you decide on a wholesaler. Its necessary to find out the products available in the markets and look out for big brands and ones that are popular before deciding on a wholesaler.

To stay competitive in the tanning industry you need up to date sunless tanning equipment. For more detailed advice on sourcing wholesale tan creams click on the hyperlinks.