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Scar Removal Options For The Average Joe

Trying to heal scars caused by wounding and skin issues like acne and other skin infection is occassionally linked to very expensive medical procedures such as laser scar treatment or other surgical scar removal methods. Even though such strategies do have advantages in terms of effectiveness, there are other ways that may be as effective that does not necessarily have to cost as much.

But before we detail these cheaper yet effective options, we must first learn about the bogus methods being sold in the market.

There are various over-the-counter methods and products that can be found in the market today. Most of them involve unproven working mechanics.

Creams based on vitamin E – there are literally a host of products out there that are based on vitamin E and claim to do some good in the fight against scarring. However, scientific studies done to confirm this have shown no proof of vitamin E’s effectiveness in treating scars. As a matter of fact, studies showed that there may be about 30% chance that it will result in an allergic reaction. One benefit that vitamin E provides is that it is a good moisturizer but it does nothing to help get rid of scarring.

Onion extracts creams – these products seem to be quite popular anti-scarring solution. One such product is known by the name of Mederma. Unfortunately for these products though is that a clinical trial has provided some evidence that onion extracts-based creams are not as effective as they may claim to be in terms of getting rid of scars of any form. All we can say is that it is just as effective as, say, petroleum jelly in helping reduce scars, which, is simply another term for “bogus”. The plus side of using such product is it does not cause allergic reactions unlike vitamin E creams.

There are other scar treatment products that are made from natural components like cocoa, aloe vera, lime juce and cucumber but no proof of their effectiveness are available for anyone curious enough to look.

But there is another option to us that utilize silicone as one of its ingredients, either in silicone sheets, gel or cream and they have demonstrated superb performance in treating scars especially for severe cases like keloidal and hypertrophic formations. Fortunately, there are clinical trials to back this up and as such, this form of scar treatment has been suggested as the best in removing or improving scars.

Scar treatment involving silicone creams and sheets are considered ideal as they do not necessitate invasive surgical methods and thus are wholly pain-free. An additional advantage is that they cost significantly lower compared to other effect surgical methods. This procedure is even better when done in the earlier stages of skin wound healing and is standard operating procedure in improving burns.

Scar removal methods that work does not have to involve painful and inconvenient methods such as surgical procedures as there are effective, yet cheaper ways to achieve the same results. Silicone sheeting application is one such ways and is shown to be effective through clinical trials.

There are a lot of options when it comes to scar removal. All you need to do is assess which is best suited for your needs through sound research and due diligence. One of such methods is known as the laser scar treatment procedure.