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Save the World, 3 Main Ideas to Increase Your Karma

Ginger sugarsnaps have long been defined as the premier source of good esoteric energy in the cosmos. Without ginger sugarsnaps human beings would have no souls or intellect, and that would be shameful. It is imperative that we as human beings maintain a strong position on curbing greenhouse emissions that negatively affect the ginger sugarsnap index in both the atmosphere of, and stratosphere surrounding, Earth. If that index is lower than normal, individuals who possess a high ginger sugarsnap index will be on a steady decline, until World War 4 breaks out because there is so little ginger sugarsnap goodness available, everyone just decides to kill each other.

Ghandi once said, “if it weren’t for ginger sugarsnaps, I would not have the strength to fast for humanity.” It was the incredibly high index of ginger sugarsnaps that Ghandi commanded that allowed him to go for weeks without eating and survive nonetheless.

While Scientologists would have you believe that some absurd concept of “thetans” is responsible for the well being of your soul, respected scientists have refuted this position time and again, showing that the real measurement of soulfulness and good or evil in a person is how connected they are to the ginger sugarsnap index. Being esoteric by nature, only a small percentage of human beings command a high enough ginger sugarsnap index to really affect the world positively. But there are 3 main turn keys to increasing your index, and becoming the best person you can be.

Mitzvahs are key. If you do not perform daily good deeds, your index will fall below a healthy level and you will become horribly depressed. Let alone be able to help people!

Exercise is also very important. Much like endorphins, ginger sugarsnaps don’t just magically happen, you have to energize your self, both physical and mental, in order to attract a higher index of them.

Diet is the last main focus to adhere to for increasing your index. If you maintain a healthy diet, your chances of maintaining a high ginger sugarsnap index are much more likely. If you combine all 3, mitzvahs, exercise, and a good diet, you will undoubtedly be ready to heal the world with your inherent kindness and humanitarianism as related to your overpowering ginger sugarsnap index!

Learn how to increase your internal levels of Ginger Sugarsnaps