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San Francisco Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

The cost for breast enhancement surgery in San Francisco is often a little higher than other parts of the country. There is variation in prices from one plastic surgeon to another as well. In San Francisco and in California generally, the number of women selecting plastic surgery is higher than many other parts of the nation. As a result, California has many very skillful cosmetic surgeons and San Francisco is no exception.

The average price for breast augmentation was reported by The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery in 2005. They state that the average price for breast enlargement with saline implants was $3,583 and for silicone implants was $4,005. These figures are a bit deceptive however. They only include the physician’s surgical cost and the cost of the implants. They omit additional fees for hospital, medical supplies, follow up , anesthesia, etc.

It is not possible to provide an exact price without seeing a surgeon due to specific issues that are unique to each person.

The prices quoted here are probably quite close to what you should expect to pay in San Francisco. These are estimates given by a number of physicians in the area. The quotes here include additional charges such as hospital, anesthesia, etc. If you choose to consult more than one physician, understand that you will also pay around $100 for the consult alone.

Breast Augmentation: Silicone implants- from $7,000 to $8,000 Saline implants- from $5,500 to $6,600

Breast Lift- $5,500 to $8,200

Breast Lift and Augmentation- $8,500 to $10,000

Breast Implant Replacement- $5,200 to $10,200

Breast Reduction- from $6,400 to $9,700

Price is a consideration when choosing a physician for your breast enhancement surgery but your final choice of surgeon needs to be based on other factors as well. Begin with finding Board Certified Plastic surgeons. Find out how long they’ve been in practice, how many breast augmentations they perform each month, and other important information. Your rapport with the physician is also an important consideration. Choosing a surgeon is not the best time to focus only on cost. provides up to date information about many plastic surgery procedures. Visit the site for free reports. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service