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Runner Rugs and Their Applications

The use of rug runners is widespread in just about every setting imaginable. If you’re unfamiliar with how they work, this article will give you a better background on this flooring accessory.

Used as decorative pieces in many homes, they do a great job at diminishing some of the blandness that comes in a room with ordinary flooring.

Take a hallway, for instance. The narrow structure of the runner rug aligns itself perfectly with many hallways, providing a great accent to what otherwise might be a dark room.

If you have a hard set of wooden stairs, you may want to consider lining the center of them with a long runner rug. If they match the decorations of your stairway area, they’ll look great.

Not only will they provide traction, making it less likely that you slip and fall, but they genuinely look good, whether they take up the entire width of the stairway or not.

Speaking of slipping, sometimes runner rugs will be used for just that purpose. Commercial buildings will often place them near entrances, especially when it rains outside.

The lobby floor is a hard tile floor and all of the foot traffic that goes in and out of the lobby easily makes for a potentially slippery environment. The situational runner in this case has very real safety benefits as it protects people from slipping and falling down due to wet floors.

The materials of any of these rugs will really depend on your objectives and your personal preferences. Some are made of wool, while others are made of materials like olefin or even shag.

Equally important is choosing something that matches up with the theme of the room you have in mind. Try to envision this before buying, rather than simply getting something that looks good on its own. Your rug will become a part of the room, enhancing its appeal all the more.

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