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Rom machine 4 Minute New Blemished Unit (London, Price: £2,800)

At Romfab makers of the Rom-4 Minute Workout we strive to make a beautifully finished product. Occasionally we have parts that don t make the grade. These parts have superficial blemishes that don t affect the functioning of the machine. These blemishes may be scratches in the paint of the powder coated parts or the chrome finish or these chrome parts were not polished sufficiently to deliver the chrome surface that we like. The typical blemishes on these units Chroming surface blemishes on the flywheel Chroming blemishes on face plates of drive bar Chroming blemishes on seat shield Blemishes scratches on the powder coat painted surfaces. The machine comes with an instructional booklet and Dvd and a mat for under the machine. This mat prevents the machine from sliding on the floor surface dampens noise from the machine and protects the floor surface from wear and tear (especially under the rear pedals.