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Relationship Between Ethically Responsible Clothing And Human Rights

Nowadays, people are up-to-date about the current trends and concerns of the world and are not ignorant about ethically responsible clothing. Therefore, the demand for such clothes has vastly grown to keep the earth save. The relationship between human rights and ethically responsible clothing can be reviewed once we understand what the term itself means.

Ethically responsible clothing is a part of ethical consumerism. Ethical consumerism is the idea of purchasing such products intentionally, which are made in an ethical way. This means considering the aspects of no harm being done to the humans, animals or the entire natural environment, in any way. Therefore, the term ethical clothing depicts purchasing and consuming clothes that are manufactured, created and produced in developing and poor countries under specified, fair and healthy working conditions, and in a safe environment. The basic idea of ethical clothing is to shield the respect of human beings in factories around the world.

The labour class, in most of the developing countries, is not treated fairly because they are not educated and have zero knowledge about their rights while they are working. Not only men and women but also the children work in such factories where it is not safe to breathe; but, to get merely small amounts of money, they get ready to work. Unfortunately, due to their lack of knowledge, the companies they work for, take benefit of them and fail to take care of the condition of their employee.

Ethical clothing promotes the cause that a worker, even though from poor and under-developed areas, should be given fair wages and should be given fair comforts and facilities that he rightfully deserves.

This idea was generated when a large number of poor labourers were facing really harsh working conditions just because large companies were trying to cut their cost and make more profits by reducing the costs on the labours. They were taking advantage of the desperation of these people who were not given healthy working environment; no holidays were allowed and very small amount of salaries were given. Not only were they working more than the capacity of a human, but they were also sexually and physically abused by their managers.

The mission of forming the term responsible clothing is to make sure the workers in the third world countries are being given good working conditions. Government is involved in this vision and are ensuring that these people can run their homes and feed their families properly. Not only do these people deserve to be educated but even their children should be educated so that they all know what their rights are. Also, they should all get the required leaves and holidays, which are the right of every employee; the critical ones include maternity and sick leave.

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