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Reasons To Buy Trustworthy Shower Water Filter

People seldom consider checking the shower for a shower water filter when they move into a new home. This should be one of the first things the occupant should check and, if there is not one, see that one is installed. What many people do not realize is that lack of one can cause a health problem for the entire family using the shower.

One would think twice about using a product that is used for heavy jobs such as metal degreasing, dry cleaning and disinfectants in connection with taking it into the body. Chlorine is a bleaching agent used for these processes yet it is added to public drinking water and swimming pools. It is currently flowing through every home’s water system who lives in an occupied area.

Chlorine in water supply system, which is used throughout the house and includes the shower, is added in a very small amount. However, any contact that can be prevented from coming between the chlorine treated water and the body on a regular basis is an aid to good health. Shower filters can prevent this contact from occurring.

As a very strong chemical chlorine can change other materials present in the water to an unnatural state. This changes the chemical makeup of the water and can cause problems from these other materials as well. These problems occur not just in the drinking water but also in the shower itself. The body is more exposed to chemicals while bathing than it is in actually drinking the water.

At the end of along hard day there is nothing more satisfying than standing for quite some time in a hot shower. It is comforting and relaxing. What is not realized is that one is breathing in vapor (steam) which is loaded with Chlorine. This chemical is entering the nose, lungs, throat and pores of the skin. This penetrates the body on all fronts and can lead to headaches and other health problems.

Complaints regarding showering with Chlorine in the water include dry and brittle hair, change of dyed hair color, dry finger nails and skin. The ‘bleach’ in Chlorine removes the natural body oils which keep these parts of the body in tip top condition. This causes the hair to break easily, cause flaking skin and broken fingernails.

Shower filters are designed to filter out the chlorine and other impurities from the water. There are several different methods that can be used for this filter process. The majority of the shower filters have an activated carbon filter, a carbon resin or filtration membranes. Some combine two of them to make the final product. These allow the water to filter and remove not just Chlorine but of all impurities without interfering with the water flow.

A shower water filter is easily replaced when it wears out. It should be in every shower in the home as a protection against health and body problems that can result from the chlorine, rust or heavy metals that flow through the water system. This safeguard is especially important if there are young children in the home as damage from chlorine can be life threatening as well as long lasting.

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