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Puffy Eyes Effectively Destroy Your Attractiveness

There are many problems which can affect your eyes and puffy eyes are one among them. Mostly, retention of fluid causes this problem which is temporary. The other major causes are lack of sleep, accumulation of wastes and toxins in the body, consuming much sodium or salt, heredity or genetic factors, physical or emotional stress, allergic reactions or symptom of dermatitis, increased consumption of alcoholic drinks, sinus problems, irritation from contact lenses etc.

The skin around and under the eyes is very thin and extra sensitive to changes in the body. Normally puffiness is noticeable when you wake up in the morning, though it can be experienced at any time of the day. Mostly, puffy eyes can be cured non-surgically. A chronic or long term problem with puffy eyes is called blepharitis. This diagnosis is done by the physician and should be treated as per his advice.

If symptoms related to puffy eyes are severe, you should seek medical help immediately. The swelling may happen due to insect bite or a severe allergic reaction of some sort. If the puffiness so serious that you cannot close your eyelids, it may be indicative of thyroid problems.

Prevention is the best defense against puffiness. Once it happens, getting rid of it can be annoying. It is important to drink copious amount of water and sleep at least 8 hours each night. Also remember to avoid stress. Contact lenses should be removed each night before sleep unless they are specially designed for night time use. Consumption of alcohol and sodium should be avoided as far as possible. Fragrance free, non-toxic skin moisturizers can prevent symptoms related to puffy eyes. Swelling of the eyelids, swelling around or at the corners of the eyes, dry or itchy eyes, puffiness of the eyelids etc are the common symptoms.

There are certain ‘quick fixes’ to help the fluid to drain away from under the eyes. It is good to keep cold cucumber slices on the eyes. The cold temperature helps a lot rather than the product itself. Cold, refrigerated used tea bags also can be used like this. You can also try putting 2 metal tablespoons in the fridge and use them daily by placing the backs against your eyes. Rinsing your face in cool water also greatly helps in reducing chances of contracting puffy eyes.

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