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Ps3 Console, 80GB, Hdmi Cord, 2 Brand New Pads And A Fairly Used Pad (Reduced) (limehouse, Price: £130)

I Have Just Got 2 Extra Pads From Littlewoods Last Night To Use With My Ps3 But Unfortunately The Cd (Fifa 09) Stops Playing While I Was Playing A Game. At First I Thought It Was Because Of The Pads Were New But After Trying I Took It To A Repairer Who Told Me It Is Either The Laser Has Gone Or The Laser Is Jamed. Didnt Agree With Him Thou. So I Took It Home And After A While It Started Playing Again. But After A While It Has Stopped Now. Hence I Would Rather Sell It After Wasting So Much Money On The Pads Than Fork Out £60 To Repair It. I Bought The Pad In Littlewood Yesterday For £90. One Is Opened And The Other One Unopened. I Will Sell Everything With A Game For £180 Note The Pads Are Brand New And Bought Yesterday For £90. There Are Also Loads Of Latest R And B Songs On It. I Paid For Them As Well U Can Have Them. I Wont Send To Africa Or Do Paypal. Meet Me In Limehouse Only. and i know for £60 you will get the cd working fully so i wont entertain any tsupid offer dont even bother. everything works except the cd that works sometimes and doesnt work sometimes.