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Pre Bonded Hair Extensions – The Things You Want To Know To Get a Beautiful Hairstyle

When you want extra hair length or extra body it can be frustrating to wait for your hair to grow or maybe even impossible to achieve. Many women turn to hair extensions to get instant long hair. Pre bonded hair extensions are a popular way to get a natural result that can last for months. Pre bonded hair extensions are a pre glued tip that is bonded, or attached, to your own hair. A salon machine is used to do this. Before you sit in the salon chair there are a few facts you will want to know.

Pre bonded hair extensions should not damage your hair. In some instance where hair cuticles have been damaged by chemicals or illness the weakened hair can be protected by hair extensions while the damaged area grows out. As they are attached by a machine at the hairdressers ‘glueing’ them to your own hair they need to be removed in a salon.

Just as we all have unique hair the styles and colours of extensions are also as varied. If done properly by a talented stylist there is no reason for anyone else to know they are not real – unless you tell them.

Try and get recommendations from friends for a good stylist as this could make all the difference to the end result. If extensions are applied properly the look will be subtle and no one will even know you have them.

Hair extensions styles vary to match the fact our own styles vary. So it will be possible to get a natural looking effect for your hair – whatever its normal style is.

Pre bonded hair extensions should give you the effect you are looking for, from more body for thin hair, to more length.

Want a new look but don’t know where to start? Get a sexy hair makeover in minutes with beautiful and affordable pre bonded hair extensions. For more hairstyles visit, you’ll find plenty of free tips and videos to help you choose your next hairstyle.