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Practical Ideas On How To Bleach Your Current Tops And Make Them Spotless

Do you have a favorite white blouse that seems to be losing its luster, which has been caused by constant washing and drying? Or have you recently lost weight and now can fit back into some of those beautiful clothes that have been hanging in the back of your closet only to notice that they are not as white as they once where?

Your whites can be transposed back to life by using bleach, which will take away that grayish color and bring back that bright shiny whiteness. Over a thousand years ago, clothing were destroyed when soaked in a mixture of lye and alkaline to bring the white back to life.

A scientist discovered chlorine back in the seventeenth century, which is the main ingredient of modern bleach. Bleach can be used to not only keep your whites as white as they were when you purchased them, but it can also help in getting stains out of your whites. The one problem with bleach is that if it is over used, then it can be harmful to your clothing. It is always important to measure bleach when using it.

Chlorine bleach and non-chlorine bleach are the two bleach types available to us on the market today. The United States introduced chlorine bleach in 1916. This bleach presented sodium hypochlorite as the chlorine marking it as 5.25% when mixed with a solution of water. This was an extremely powerful bleach compound. It oxidized stains by breaking them down to small units in which regular detergent could remove in the washing machine.

Are there any side effects with chlorine bleach? Rust stains have been known to appear on clothing if an individual’s water supply has a high quantity of iron deposits. Holes can begin to appear with in the clothing that is being treated. In yellow stains, bleach can oftentimes make the stain much worse. Never underestimate the strength that bleach has.

Individuals should note that bleach will discolor certain fabrics. You should always read the tags or labels prior to using bleach on your laundry. Using bleach on your white socks and white T-shirts is one thing, but using it on your silk nightie is a totally different thing. The tags in your clothing are there to be used as guidelines for the care of your clothing to make them last longer.

When washing a load of white clothes, use only one cup or less of bleach in your washing machine. If bleaching your clothing by hand, then you would only want to use a tablespoon of chlorine bleach for each gallon of water you use. Holes can be avoided by simply rinsing completely before placing them in the washing machine.

Non-chlorine bleach is normally available in only a powdery form. This type of bleach is safe to use on all types of clothing. It is no secret that on white clothes chlorine bleach is the best, but for colored clothes you need something more. If you want something in which you can use in each wash, then non-chlorine bleach is it, plus it can be used with warm or hot water.

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