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Pleaser Shoes Burlesque Footwear

Pleaser Shoes offer the best selection when it comes to specialty footwear. Let’s face it, those everyday drag pumps just will not cut it all the time and every girl, and boy, deserve a healthy selection of shoes and boots to choose from. Pleaser shoes offer a wide assortment of brands and styles and is the perfect choice for everyone from the CEO that needs to unwind at the club, to the Diva on the stage, and the exotic dancer performing for the crowd.

There are six lines offered by Pleaser. Each brand caters to a unique lifestyle. For example transgender males that need an extreme shoe will find a nice range of selections from Pleaser. What started as a small company in 1993 has boomed into an international company serving several large retailers the glove over.

Since Pleaser does cater to a lifestyle that can be rather extreme and weird to many those of modest nature may find many of the choices available shocking. This is really no surprise especially when you take into account that the average heel is about eight inches. You will not find a pair of Sunday shoes here, unless your church is on the stage and your podium a pole.

Industry punks and goths will find a healthy range of styles. Hard chunky platforms and extreme wedges can be found here along with several styles for men. The motif mostly centers around bats, chains, skulls, and zombies perfectly suitable for those living on the darker side of life.

The most extreme shoes can be found can be found in the fetish style. This style deals primarily with fetish footwear and as such are often shocking and extreme. The ballet style is the best example of this. Featuring the common ballet slipper toe but with a spiked heel this shoe is perfect for the dominatrix and Madames who enjoy a bit of innocent femininity to compliment their leather and metal style.

If you are not in the market for stripper shoes and instead need something for a Halloween costume or for fantasy role playing, you will find that the company offers some really fantastic choices. Sexy pirate boots, hot fantasy heels, and retro Go Go boots are all offered.

The company understand the importance of having high quality sexy shoes that are both comfortable and attractive. Taking style, fit, and practicality in mind this shoe company stands above the rest when it comes to products. Understanding it’s clients unique set of needs is really key here and they cut absolutely no corners. So whether you are a Drag Queen Diva or a not so innocent lost school girl on that stage, Pleaser Shoes is sure to have what you are looking for.

You can find beautiful, sexy shoes easy when you visit today! The group at Pleaser Shoes will provide you with a wide selection of fantastic shoes for fun or formal wear.