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Planning Beaded Jewelry For Your Friends

One of the important things to keep in mind when you are designing jewelry for someone is their personal taste. Therefore the first thing to consider when you are designing jewelry is, ?What do they like?? There are so many stones to choose from that the most challenging part is narrowing it down.

The most significant gifts that I have encountered in my life are those that my faithful friends and relatives have brought me. There’s something very exceptional about opening a present and knowing that not only did that someone spend their time searching for just the correct things to go into it but they also crafted it with their very own hands!

I know it may sound conspicuous but how many times have you accepted a gift and thought, ?advantageously, it?s nice enough but isn?t this more equal something I’d give to my cousin. Consequently the first thing to consider when you’re designing jewelry is, ?What do they want??

If you know them well you will be able to recall their favorite colors. Do they go for anything dramtic and really wild? Or are they more into subtle and delicate? Or is absolutely everything they own neutral?

Or do they follow every new style? If they enjoy color and drama you might have in mind some of the more colored gemstones that come out bigger sizes like fluorite, lapis, blue chalcedony, kunzite, ruby, turquoise or zoisite. If they really love delicate and elegant than gems will win their hearts.

If you?re designing for someone who loves neutrals you can go with classic pearls or any of the many varieties of agate, mother of pearl, quartz or moonstone. Fossilized coral is also a lovely neutral with interesting patterns: perfect for pendants! If they follow the latest fashion it?s really fun to get them something that few people have ever heard of like hypersthenes, chiasolite, bronzite, kunzite, fuschite, or hemimorphite stone beads.

There are so numerous stones to choose from that the hardest portion is specifying it down. I encounter that once you’ve decided the stones you think they’ll like best the designing part appears of itself. You’ve already had in mind their individualised fashion so it?s at ease to attain something that will leave acceptable look for them.

After you?ve picked out your beads and designed your piece the really fun part begins: giving the gift and if you?ve done your job right watching their eyes light up when they open it. By designing something yourself for your friend or relative you get something really special. Not only do you get to give a wonderfully personal gift to someone you love; you get the enjoyment of watching them wear it and cherish it for the rest of their lives. What could be more wonderful?

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