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Pizza Explained And The Many Different Kinds

Throughout the history of pizza, many types have been invented. Some are made in certain locations; others are made everywhere. It just goes to show how popular it is all over the world. It is delicious, convenient, and offers a great deal of variety. It does not matter whether you buy your pizza or make it yourself… you are in for a great meal that everyone will enjoy.

Fans of New York style will fold their slices in half while eating them. This style features a crust that is thin and chewy, topped with a sweet tomato sauce and delicious fresh mozzarella. One of the hallmarks of a real New York pizza is the yellow grease that runs down your arm from the rich cheese. You will not find a pile of toppings on a New York pie… they like to enjoy the genius of a simple pizza.

Ike Sewell invented Chicago style in 1943. This deep-dish pizza was meant to make a hearty meal. With a crust featuring high sidewalls to contain all the toppings, you need a knife and fork to eat a Chicago pizza. This style also changes the order of the ingredients. They put the cheese on the crust first, then the toppings, and the sauce goes on top. A little margarine is added to the pan before cooking to create a crisp bottom crust.

California Style tends to focus on exotic toppings and unusual combinations. The crust is double baked after rising, to retain the height gained. The crust tastes light, tender, and airy. Toppings can be as unusual as smoked salmon, shrimp, or asparagus. Vegetarian toppings are common.

Pan style also uses oil in the pan. This fries the bottom of the crust, making it a bit crunchy. It also changes the flavor slightly. Pan style offers a thicker crust that has been raised in the pan before baking. Any kind of toppings can be added.

Cracker style crusts became the rage in the 1950s. This dough was allowed to ferment before baking, which gave it a cracker-like texture. This was a new technique. Normal thin crust is usually hand stretched. One may wonder where did pizza originate? Most think of Italy, but these thin crusts were very popular with the Greeks and Etruscans, who happened to be occupying Italy.

Focaccia style pies reach back into the far reaches of history to pizza’s early beginnings. This type does not have sauce. Instead, it is topped with oils, grilled vegetables and whatever other toppings that may be on the menu. This type of pie has been eaten in Europe since before the introduction of the tomato.

Other styles continue to be developed. A Tex-Mex style offers a crust that contains masa flour, making it taste more like a corn chip. Tex-Mex pizzas are often topped with shredded beef, corn, and other Mexican style toppings. The sauce is similar to picante sauce. Other regional taste use specific cheeses like Provolone instead of mozzarella to finish them off in the Midwest.

Some homemade pizza recipes are easier to make than others and at our site we have everything from quick and easy pizza recipes right up to gourmet treats featuring tandoori chicken, seafood and more. Pizza is a versatile meal and homemade pizza is one of the best reasons to heat up your oven!