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Photographer looking for sports people for exhibition project (London)

I am putting together a photographic project to highlight the sports people of the country of all levels ages etc. I would be looking to capture the sports person actually taking part in their sport but in a set up way using high speed and high definition close-up photography techniques. I want to capture the strains emotions expressions of the sport The images would be used for photographic competitions as well as to promote the sport for the 2012 Olympics. Although there would be no payment I would hope that we would have a really great time shooting and I would of course give you copies of all the images taken on disk. This is the start of a large not for profit project of my own and hope to use it to attract interest in our sports people certainly not just those at the highest levels. I hope to start shooting as soon as possible mainly on location around London. Would be great to hear from anyone interested. I especially keen to set up a 100m race so any sprinters out there please get in touch.