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Perfect Teeth And Smiles Created At Cosmetic Dentist Queens

At cosmetic dentist Queens dental surgeons have the skill and artistic expertise to ensure their patients receive state of the art oral care. The latest technological advances and innovative techniques are applied when performing reconstructions, corrective and enhancement procedures.

People who have suffered from oral defects since birth or have lost teeth through trauma or bad hygiene need no longer fear smiling. Using a variety of oral procedures these dental practitioners perform little miracles everyday and create beautiful smiles.

The dentists have made every effort to ensure their consulting room is a people friendly place and even offer sedation dentistry for those who find visiting a dentist a scary experience. These dedicated surgeons take the long term approach to their patient’s dental care and consider healthy gums and strong beautiful teeth their prime objective. Various methods such as porcelain veneers, implants and whitening are used to create perfect teeth and smiles.

To whiten teeth stained by smoking, beverages and spicy foods the dentist uses a concentrated gel containing a high percentage of peroxide which removes stains from the enamel. Used together with an activating bluish light just one professional treatment can give stunning results. Teeth are shades whiter and have an overall healthy appearance. In some instances severe staining may require a number of whitening sessions to get the best results.

Veneers are revolutionary in tooth enhancement. This thin layer of porcelain is custom made for each tooth and attached to its surface. Veneers are available in two options. Either as a composite material directly applied to tooth surface and shaped in the mouth. The alternative is porcelain veneers custom made from casts and cemented in place at a later stage.

Veneers are used for various remedial procedures such as correcting skew, broken, chipped or badly stained teeth. They are also used to close abnormal spaces between teeth and lengthen short or worn dentures.

Tooth loss has always been a problem. Not only do they disfigure a person’s smile but gaps tend to allow the facial structure to sag often creating an aged look. For decades false dentures and bridgework was the only remedy. The problem with both these methods has always been the fact that they have to be secured to healthy teeth which most causes wear after a period of time.

Using the latest methods and titanium implants these old fashioned methods have been vastly improved upon. The artificial root, embedded in the jaw, accommodates a screwed in holding post to which a ceramic crown is attached. Implanting is embedded in bone and very secure and is a complete stand alone tooth insertion that causes no problems to adjacent teeth. For any of these innovative procedures a person may want to consult cosmetic dentist Queens for a smile makeover.

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