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Pandora Beads Jewelry – Well Known In Greek Women

Pandora Beads Jewelry was initially inspired by the immortal from the Greek Mythology that opened the box. All of the charm beads are focused on showing and accentuation a woman’s individuality and personality. Being able to personalize your jewelry and the beautiful high quality materials and designs really make Pandora Beads Jewelry stand out amongst the rest. There are so many options and design choices that women can now personalize and design their own jewelry depending on the occasion, style, and mood.

Well known in Greek Mythology, Pandora is the mortal that is sent to mankind as punishment. Given a box that Zeus forbade her to open she was sent to earth. However, she was also given the gift of curiosity, which she couldn’t withstand any longer and finally opened the box. Finally, when the box was opened it released all that is evil on earth, disease, war, sadness and hate. All of these things have since plagued mankind. Upon looking down at the box once she released all of this evil on mankind, the only thing still lingering inside was hope.

Pandora Beads Jewelry now takes inspiration from the story and what was left in Pandora’s Box once all the evil was released, hope. There are many different options, from Pandora beads, to charm beads, a new way to create and wear jewelry has been discovered. The bracelets are sectioned into three separate parts with small threads. Then either charm beads or Pandora beads are added to the bracelet to personalize it and accentuate its interesting design. Each bracelet shows a woman’s personality and individual creativity.

Pandora Jewelry has grown so much in popularity that you can find its beautiful charm beads bracelets upon woman’s wrists from the everyday hard working woman in the grocery store to the popular and famous A-listers that you see on your television. With the many styles, designs, and materials that Pandora Beads Jewelry offers there is a bracelet that can be built for every woman and every budget. The versatility of the bracelets is what makes Pandora Beads Jewelry so popular. Even better, today Pandora Beads donate parts of their profit to various charities like the Mississippi Disaster Relief Fund and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Today Pandora Beads Jewelry is a household name far outside its Copenhagen, Denmark home. Today they sell all over the United States, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. There are over 250 professional silver and goldsmiths on location in Denmark that oversee that all of the charm beads are top quality and flawless. Each year there are four introductions of new designs of Pandora beads and charm beads and made available for customers all over the world.

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