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Online Dating Sim Game

Online dating is prevalent nowadays. Many single people who are still longing for life partner never loses hope and still trying their luck in online dating websites. By creating and posting their profiles together with their personal pictures, they are still hoping that one day, a person of their dreams suddenly came across of their profiles and contact them if they are interested to have some get-to-know-each-other dates

Such popularity of online dating nowadays suddenly gives game designers an idea to create an online game of a romantic genre.

Online dating sim games, or also known as online dating simulation games, are one of the new genres of online gaming that depicts romance. In contrast to the popular Western belief that most of these games are associated to Japanese anime games, only a small fraction of these online dating games are associated to anime titles such as the Tokimeki Memorial and Angelique.

It is a simulation game where the main character that you will play (commonly fictional characters) has to achieve specific goals. The most typical one is to date numerous and different women and to have high level of relationship with one of them within specified time limit. In most cases, the game character must have enough funds by either securing jobs or other income-generating activities such as business.

In the same manner, attributes of the character is important in the game. Such attributes can be improved by doing different task and accomplishing it within the time limit. Most of these tasks remember to be accomplished and games of this type have real-time to them.

In technical matter, online dating sim games are defined as a particular set of games that offers simulation features and virtual dating. However, the term “dating sim” is now also used to describe any romantic online game.

The first online game to depict the genre of dating sim is the Dokyusei or Classmates around 1992. In this classic dating sim game, you will be controlling a male avatar that is surrounded by various female game characters. The game play will involve conversations with a number of artificial intelligence (AI)-controlled girls, in which you will attempt to increase your “internal love meter” by means of right choices of dialogues.

Once the game is finished, your character may lose the game if it failed to win the hearts of any girl. However, you may “finish” one or more girls, usually by having sex with them or by attaining eternal love.

These genre of online dating game is intended for those gamers who are tired of action or adventure genre of online games and want to take some ice by playing the role of a man in hunt for girls, In addition, by making it online, many gamers around the world have the chance to find that eternal love and finish the game triumphantly.

So if you are looking online gaming experience, you might as well have a try of the online dating sim game and start winning other individual’s hearts.

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