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One Facial Exercise for a Happier Face

People are wondering if facial exercises really work. There are many different opinions on this matter. You may hear people say they work, and people who say the facial exercises will even make your face worse. If it is by chance or not, we don’t know, but usually people that say that are the same who haven’t tried them. In reality the two main factors that affect the skin are the gravity and the natural loss of elasticity.

If you put effort to keep the muscles of the skin toned, your skin will be far less sagging. The reason for that is because facial muscles respond to resistance training as any other muscle would. Simply put, the facial muscles aren’t any different from any other muscles in your body – apart from the fact we don’t actually pay any attention to them whilst in the gym.

There are different exercises for the muscles of the face and neck. And if you really do them correctly and every day, the look and expressiveness of your face will be greatly improved. If you have been reading promotional claims like a few minutes a day and you’ll see amazing positive changes in your face in just a few weeks” then you may be disappointed because in reality facial muscles and the skin covering them do not respond to easy short-term solutions.

What sets apart the facial muscles from the skeletal muscles of the body is the fact that the former are tied to the skin that covers them. (In addition, they are tied to different other facial muscles and also to the bones.) So, when these facial muscles begin to lose their tone and elasticity, because of gravity and age, the skin tied to them starts to slump. And that is why you get that look back from the mirror.

One mention. These exercises are not for people who are looking for a multivitamin pill or who want to inject Botox into the muscles and have a miracle recovery. Facial exercises require dedication, persistence and work. But you’ll get results from them. You’ll like what you see in the mirror after even several months.

An important exercise is the one for the eye muscles. This exercise may look easy to do. In fact it means to partially wink one eye at a time, and holding it for a moment, repeating then the movement. 50 are the repetitions to be made. You don’t have to scrunch up the skin inside the crow’s feet part while doing this exercise, but you have to contract firmly both the orbicularis oculi muscles around each eye and the nasalis muscles that are on each side of the nasal bone.

The reason why this exercise is considered one of the most important is that it deals with an area that shows the first signs of getting old, that is the skin around your eyes. This skin is the thinnest and most delicate skin. Although this exercise will not completely eliminate the lines, it will most surely reduce them. You have to keep in mind to apply some type of moisturizer on that skin that will be exercised. That is because the skin around the eye is the thinnest and the most delicate. You can throw some water on your face before you start the exercise or you can use vegetal oil, like the natural olive oil, or other lubricant on your skin before you start the procedure. Don’t do this exercise on your dry face.

Another way to deal with the facial muscles is to use devices like strips together with a special gel to firm the muscles up. The best example would be for a double chin.

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