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Obesity – Rapidly Emerging Health Problem

Obesity is spreading very rapidly throughout the world. More and more people are become overweight.

Sometimes it seems that this problem is getting out of hand. Governments are unable to control this growing epidemic.

Who is to be blamed for this rising obesity? The media, food companies, general public all are responsible for this.

The media advertises food products which are not any good from nutritional point of view, but earn good amount via advertising to the media companies.

We are bombarded with constant advertisements and thus youngsters are getting addicted to junk food and unhealthy drinks. In the process, they are getting fatter by the day.

The government is not doing its bit to regulate such ads or to promote healthy habits among people, specially teenagers.

Add to this, the impact of technology. Technology has made our lives easy – in fact too easier. We have become lazy and seek comfort in all situations in our life.

We have given up exercising and get little to no physical activity. Furthermore – TV, video games, computers and internet are causing us to adopt sedentary lifestyles.

The fashion industry and celebrities are also partly responsible for this obesity problem. Too much emphasis is placed on looks and figure.

Celebrities with pencil thin figures are shown to the general public. This creates a huge pressure on people to maintain their physique.

Fat people are shunned and ridiculed. As a result people start adopting unhealthy methods like dieting and skipping meals.

This habit will result in dropping of metabolism rate, and thus the very problem we are trying to run away from, will come upon us.

Nowadays, people eat out a lot. They often go to restaurants. Earlier the whole family used to sit together to eat meals. Now that is not possible most of the times.

The traditional family lunches and dinners were good for everyone. Special care was taken to prepare healthy meals.

Family members used to bond together and eat heartily. Thus they could avoid overeating and unhealthy foods.

Now most of the time, people eat outside. They will often overeat in restaurants. They are also not very picky about what they eat.

Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, frequent dining out, junk food habit are some of the major factors which are contributing to the rising obesity problem.

Children are not being taught healthy habits by their parents. Earlier parents used to put a lot of stress on such habits.

Nowadays, parents are mostly concerned just about the child’s career. They are not too much worried about his or her eating habits.

Lack of guidance by elders have resulted in poor sense of eating for children. They are not growing up as health conscious children.

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