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Now It’s Our Turn – Geriatric Care

Growing older is part of life. There is no way to get around it while you are still living. At some point in our lives we will become a good candidate for geriatric care. We spend our lives caring for our loved ones, our children and friends, and at one point we will be the ones that need care.

Geriatric care is very common. There are apartment complexes that are specific to the needs of an elderly patient. The residents live on their own but they have a person on staff at the complex that monitors the building. Usually in the bathroom and in one other room there are pull cords that will set off an alarm if a medical need was to come about.

The alarms have long cords so that the resident can reach the cord from the ground if they fall and cannot get up. When the alarm sounds, the monitor for the building will contact the ambulance and get medical help to the apartment immediately.

As people age, living on their own may not be an option. A senior center or their own apartment may be traded in for a nursing home or retirement facility. These nursing homes have medical staff in attendance around the clock. All medications are administered by the staff and the residence personal space is very limited.

The will have their meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner in a dining area and will no longer be able to cook for themselves. They will go to the dining are when it is time to eat and then will return to their room or to a lounging area after they are finished.

The people that live in a nursing home range in severe medical conditions. Some of the elderly people are sent to a nursing home to recover from hip or knee surgeries. They are there so they can have round the clock care and will go home once they have reached a certain point in their recovery.

Many of the residence of a nursing home will live in this spot until they pass on. They will be made comfortable while they are there. They are allowed to have visitors so the family and friends can come and sit with them. Depending on their condition they may even be allowed to leave for an afternoon or even a night.

Geriatric care is a very important part of life. The well being of the ones that we love can be enhanced by the attention that a nursing home or retirement community can give them. Take care of your parents and loved ones. Make sure they are well taken care of. They took care of you as you grew up so we owe them.

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