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New Ways to Remove Tattoos

Tattoos removal procedures have come a long way since the days of dermabrasion, cryosurgery, and surgically removing the tattooed portion of the skin and scrubbing the area with salt. The new methods are more effective, less painful and less likely to cause scarring.

Removing tattoos today usually involves the use of a Q-switched laser. Of these the Hoya Medlite C6 is considered to be the gold standard for this procedure.

Using Q-switched lasers for removing tattoos is not a new concept. It was originally proposed in 1958 and demonstrated in 1961. However at the time they were not widely available, and when where the price limited their wide use. After more than two decades they finally became available and affordable by tattoo removal practitioners.

Hoya’s original C series was introduced in 1992. Since then they have been constantly improving the design and function of this model. To remove tattoos it works in conjuncture with the body’s natural healing process.

Tans and scars fade over time due to the fact that the body replaces skin cells on a regular basis. Over time even tattoo will fade.

The body naturally removes foreign material and waste from the body. When a tiny piece of dirt or other small object is lodged in the skin, it is either pushed out or pulled into the body’s lymphatic system which then clears it.

The body has a hard time removing tattoos, because of the pigment particles size of the ink that is used. This is why it’s been hard to come up with tattoo removal methods. People did notice though that too much sunlight would fade tattoos over time. So the progression to using lasers to remove tattoos was a natural next step to speeding up the process.

The Medlite C6 and other Q-switched lasers, target the pigment and break it into smaller pieces that the body can then clear. Although it sounds like a simple concept the technique took time to perfect. The problems had to do with the color of the laser and light penetration. The energy bursts had to be timed exactly to break up the pigment without burning the skin surrounding the tattoo.

Hoya took all of this into account when developing their lasers. Their earlier C series models were only effective on black, dark blue and red inks. The Medlite C6 can effectively remove sky blue and green inks as well as the darker colors.

The Medlite C6 is not used by all professional, but it is uncommon that they would not be using some type of Q-switched laser. Other methods of tattoo removal just don’t compare.

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