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New Standard For Elegance Found In Technomarine Watches For Women

In 1997, a new measure for elite fashion made its way to the market when the Technomarine ceramic watches were born. The illustrious aesthetics of this eye-catching, Swiss manufactured model of watches gave new definition aesthetically chic. With a vivid arrangement of distinctive quality elements to suit the most adventurous of personalities, while also diversified to appeal to the most elite of occasions.

What to know:

Originally geared to meet the needs of those active in sea sports, such as deep-sea diving, this collection can withstand at the least 200 meters of water resistance. Selected designs have also been professionally crafted to withstand an amazing 12,000 meters of water. Many of these 110 distinctive designs are said to not ever meet the sea. However, the stylish architecture and uncompromising quality make these watches appealing to a wide range of lifestyles.

The Techno Diamond collection brought the mens wristwatch manufacturer world wide recognition upon release in 1999. The attention of well-known celebrities also added to the already wanton pieces. This particular collection draws a unique appeal with a 1.1 ct diamond revolving bezel. This collection was a first of its kind in the industry with the elegance of diamonds adorning a diving watch.

There are many distinctive components with Technomarine that stand out in a unique way. Such as, the interchangeable translucent watch bands, which are available in a fusion of colors. The unparalleled ergonomic materials chosen including ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, blue aluminum, gold, and bronze, represent a new type of technological design and innovation.

Taking the forefront in crossing barriers with innovative design, a special selection of pieces have been released, which comprise of a special ceramic that up until now has not been offered in any color variety. This unique material consists of blending two metal powders, heated to massively high temperatures and carefully laced with distinctive hues of color. No other manufacturer has accomplished the color process with success. This collection is known as the Moon Sun collection, and is offered in a lovely spectrum of choices, including, chocolate, red, baby blue, ocean blue, baby pink, white, and black.

Remaining consistent with finely selected materials, the line chose a mineral sapphire crystal to cover the face of there collections. This special crystal is known to resist scratches and breaks, while also encompassing a non-reflective ability to light. Even the luminescent dials remain non-reflective which is another added feature more focused on the needs the adventuresome divers in the world, yet is appealing to the masses.

A product manifested through the ideal foundation of a non-conformal mindset to trends has materialized a timeless masterpiece in the world of finely crafted timepieces. Individuals from an array of lifestyles are catered to through a diverse selection of ergonomically designed collections. Dedication and determination delivered in a luxurious fashion.

While based in Geneva, Techno Marine watches have been providing fine quality collections under two divisions since 2001. Each man’s sports watch collection allows clients of varied lifestyles to combine adventure, vivid creativity, with luxurious craftsmanship.