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New Mobile Phone With Free Rental

A lot of companies, which are dealing in mobile phones, are making many different kinds of offers available to their customers. The kinds of promotional offers, which are being made by the mobile phone companies, are also dependent on the condition of the financial markets as well as the economy. The schemes have to be designed in such a manner that the customer is forced to spend his money despite the cash crunch. One such scheme is the twelve months free line rental, which will ensure the loyalty of the customer to one specific mobile phone company for a certain period of time.

Nokia is one of the companies at this time that has jointed in the attempt to lure new customers. As many already know, Nokia has become one of the biggest marketers within the mobile phone industry. Nokia expanded their hold, from what it seems, after releasing this year’s newer N-Series phone, the N97.

A lot of their glory started last year as they released the N96, which was referred to as the highest technology in regards to smart phones. So what is it with these phones that are attracting consumer’s? For one thing, it may have to do with the style of the phone. The N96 has the sleek black design, that many seem to like.

All the mobile phones, which belong to the Nokia N-series, are very stylish and attractive to look at. The Nokia N-96 has a sleek black design, which is why many people prefer it.

The N97 has more memory on board at 32 GB in comparison to the N96, however the N96 may be upgraded to the 32GB. With the N96, you can only use a 8GB MicroSD memory card with it, but can use a 16GB one with the N97. For those that like to browse the web, the N97 has the capacity to use full web pages, unlike the N96.

The memory capacity of the Nokia N97 is 32 GB, which is, much more than the Nokia N96. But the facility to upgrade the capacity of the Nokia N96 is also easily available. An 8 GB Micro SD memory card can be used along with the Nokia N96 while a 16 GB memory card can be used with the Nokia N97.

Phones like these are now on the market with great incentives such as the 12 months free line rental, which only makes the consumer have to be in contract for no longer than 12 months. In addition to the contract times, many are offering great incentives, such as free gifts, cash back, free talk time, free downloading, along with things like free insurance and free accessories as well as many other user incentives. It seems now is the time to take advantage of the deals that exist, while companies as this are hungry to make money.

All the latest mobile phones, which are being introduced in the market, bring along with them the feature of a twelve months free rental. Apart from this contract for a period of twelve months, there are many other additional promotional offers which are being made in the manner of free gifts, cash back, free talk time, free downloading and also other features like free mobile phone accessories and insurance.

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