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Natural Skincare Products — Why Are They So Important?

Natural skincare products are becoming more popular. How come?

In this day and age a number of companies have jumped into the natural skincare market. It would difficult –to say the least–to choose the best, without more information. A truly outstanding product must be more than just “natural”–swamp water is natural, but would you want it in your skin care products?

I doubt it. There is only two things you need to be concerned about when choosing between a product that is all natural and a chemical based product.

The natural ingredients of course must be the right type for good safe skin care. Second, how do they determine what is considered natural? It should be ingredients derived from natural sources using only natural preservatives (sugar, salt, honey), emulsifiers, humectants, surfactants and agents.

Natural flora sources include flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, stems and bark of plants and trees, from which essential oils and fragrances as well as vitamins and minerals can be extracted. Of course, natural skincare products are also made from ingredients harvested from of the labors of animals like bees, hence, the popularity of honey.

Naturally–occurring carriers are made from oleochemicals (derived from biological sources) as opposed to petrochemicals. Fragrances and preservatives can be made from the oils of tea tree, lavender, lemon and sandalwood. Some believe powerful antioxidants come from bee propolis. Manuka honey is a proven antioxidant and grapefruit seed extract is an antimicrobial agent.

Always read the label of skin care products that claim they are safe, all natural and effective. They must by law state what their product contains.

The second criteria is to look for the ingredients that have no place whatsoever in any store-bought natural skincare products:

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) Mineral oils Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl) Synthetic colors labeled as FD&C or D&C Synthetic fragrances Petroleum-based substances like propylene glycol

Skin care manufacturers will often quickly add popular ingredients to their formula with the ever used “New and Improved” moniker on the label. Very often when this is done the amount added is way to small to be effective, but hey the got your money–so what!

When looking for the best natural skincare products you not only have to look for the best ingredients, but their proper concentrations as well. To make sure that the product you choose has the right quantity to do the job. Then you have to check that you are not being exposed the dangerous harmful ingredients.

Seems like a lot of work involved. Well you could put together your own safe natural products at home. Or you could do a little research (just like you are doing right!) and quickly gather the information as to where you can get safe effective, secure optimal blends of botanical ingredients mixed in the right combination in convenient bottles. Product that will protect your health and make your skin glow with youth, energy and excitement!

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