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Must Know Inside Detail On Wholesale Jewelry And Handbags

Wholesale jewelry and handbags are being imported from China and other countries to destinations the world over and bought by individuals and companies alike and sold in shops or given away as gifts due to the huge savings.

“Stock” can be bought from wholesale centers and shops specializing in wholesale bags and jewelry at wholesale prices. You will have to buy in minimum orders of 12.

Wholesale bags and jewelry is also sold online on websites and online stores of wholesalers. So it’s recommended that you do a online search for wholesale bargains first.

Wholesale handbags and jewelry means a lot more than the term suggests. When searching for ‘handbags’ you are likely to also find travel bags, purses, luggage, backpacks, evening bags, cell phone pouches and other similar items. In the jewelry category you will find jewelry display units, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, and even sunglasses.

Many items on the wholesale bags and jewelry lists are replicated items of familiar brands, often with the name misspelled or the logo slightly different; for example, Oakley sunglasses might be Okey, D&G changed to D&C, whilst Louis Vuitton might be changed to Lois Vuiton.

Replica items’ quality has improved with time, but don’t expect to pay such a reduced rate for the exact same quality as that of the famous brand.

A minimum order policy is usually enforced when you shop for wholesale handbags and jewelry online.

Some wholesalers require that you open an online account at their store, which enables you to keep a record of past orders.

Shipping usually has to be to a street name and number as opposed to a postal box. Some wholesalers will be happy to ship to a freight forwarder who will then forward it to you.

Over and above the price of the items ordered, you will have to pay shipping charges. The shipping price is calculated based on the weight, size and destination where it has to be shipped to.

The wholesaler’s government may expect you to supply a valid reseller’s permit, particularly if you reside in the same country.

In general, orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours. Delivery depends on the destination. For wholesalers and clients in America, it usually takes an average of 3 business days if a parcel is shipped using standard postage. Larger couriered parcels may only be delivered in up to 6 business days. Delays are to be expected over the holiday season.

Online wholesalers usually accept all the major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Amex and Diners Club. Offline wholesalers work on a cash only basis. If you pay by credit card, you will need to supply a copy of the front of your card, a copy of your ID document, your passport or your drivers permit. The names on documents supplied will need to match exactly.

When an international customer submits an order, the wholesaler will calculate the international shipping rate and verify that the customer accepts the charge before the credit card is processed. Should the client not accept, the wholesaler will cancel the order and delete all the order information from their systems for the security of the customer.

Wholesalers rarely accept cash on delivery orders or drop ship. In the case of larger or international orders, many of them will accept wire transfer.

There are many advantages when a person buys products wholesale! Getting wholesale jewelry and wholesale handbags in bulk is a way to outfit yourself or create a revenue stream fast!