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Mother’s Day Gift: Bagging It Up

Bags are great to give for Mother’s Day. For one, it simply won’t take you too long to select the best one for your mom Not only are they stylish and almost every woman’s wardrobe must, they are extremely practical. They save you all the trouble too, since you don’t have to worry about how they will fit, unlike if you had to choose clothes and shoes as gifts. Bags are so dynamic these days you’ll never run out of gift ideas.

Handbags can make a bold style statement. They are accessories your mother may never leave the house without. Handbags are there to compliment an overall outfit. They can say something about the kind of person carrying them, whether that person is outdoorsy, a busy professional, a partier or laid back. Thus, a handbag can say a lot about the personality of the owner.

You’ll never lack for options when it comes to bags. There so many different kinds of bags available as gift ideas. Materials range from leather to plastic to cotton. Bags can also come in many different shapes and sizes imaginable. They can either be a half-moon, loge or bread in shape. These shapes may sound peculiar but they do exist.

Selecting the Best One – Now let’s talk about choosing the best bag for your mom this Mother’s Day. First you need to find out what your mom’s wardrobe is like. Check out what colors she usually likes to wear. This will give you an idea of what colors she wants on her bags.

Observe what types of bags she usually carries around often. Are they shoulder bags or does she usually use bags with long straps over one shoulder to the opposite hip? Also think about the size and how roomy a bag is. Check if it has a number of compartments. If you notice your mom is always carrying a lot of things to the office she may want a bigger bag with lots of compartments inside. She may also attend lots of formal gatherings and may want a smaller and more elegant purse for a change.

Go for one that’s unique and stands out from the crowd. You may go and dare get her something she’s never had before. Sometimes unique and even peculiar gifts make the best surprises. Check out jeweled and beaded evening bags and even those with fake fur or animal prints! A tip is also to include matching accessories inside, like a key chain, coin purse, eyeglass case or wallet.

You may go with cloth purses, which tend to be more colorful, bold and great to take to the beach or park. There are even reversible cloth purses.

Another cool gift idea is to buy mom a dog purse (if she likes to bring her toy breed around town). There are so many fashionable dog purses, even designer ones. Or go for cigar box purses, which are literally made of wood just like in the glamorous days of the 1920s.

Looking for a unique mothers day gift? Find the leading gift ideas for mom this mother’s day!