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Morning Sickness Symptoms and Treatment

When it comes to the detecting morning sickness the obvious symptom is nausea. You body is generating significantly greater hormones than usual and your body can become overwhelmed while it adjusts to this change. It endeavours to rid you of what it thinks you don’t need. While understand the cause is one thing, you still can’t spend your pregnancy feeling sick all the time.

Morning sickness can begin as early as fifteen days after you become pregnant. The symptoms are first experienced by most women within the first five weeks. Unfortunately some women have to put up with it for the entire term of their pregnancy. The average indicate that it subsides after around fourteen weeks.

Feeling sick all the time can leave you feel run down. Expecting mothers have a great deal on their plate as it is, including caring for a family, working a job or both. They also have the brand new responsibility of caring for their body and their unborn child. Vomiting can lead to dehydration so attention certainly needs to be paid to this condition.

One common theory for the cause of morning sickness is the massive increase in the hormone levels of progesterone. It is responsible for the softening of the bodies muscles, including those located in the stomach. The result is a slower functioning stomach that impacts how the food is passed through. The theory suggests that this is what makes you feel nauseous.

There is hope however. There are many home remedies and doctor prescribed treatments that can provide you with relief. Many are not difficult or expensive and when you find a solution that works for you, you will find that your pregnancy is much more satisfying and you can enjoy it the way it was meant to be.

One change you can make is to time your prenatal vitamins better. If you find that you feel sick an hour after you get up in the morning then try downing your vitamins as soon as you wake. Your body will not want to lose these essential vitamins and may hold back the vomiting as a consequence.

Pregnancy can be an very enjoyable and exciting time in a woman’s life. You do not want to spend it worrying about constantly feeling sick. Morning sickness stresses your day to day functionality including time spent working and with family and friends. By taking the time to prevent what you can and treating the rest you can mostly avoid the worse of what this common condition afflicts.

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