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Mombasa, Kenya Hotels – Pamper Yourself At Some Of The World’s Finest Hotels

Kenya’s coastal region provides Visitors with a wide Variety of luxury hotels to choose from. The coastal region provides a unique opportunity to pamper yourself, relax, undergo beauty treatments, and simply rest at some of Kenya’s finest hotels that will keep you coming back holiday after holiday.

The Serena Beach Hotel and Spa, for instance, offers some of the finest accommodation in Kenya. The hotel’s unique architectural work was crafted to replicate the winding lanes and spectacular shopping centres of the 13th century Swahili. While at the hotel you will find a bespoke mix of tranquility, fast water sports, lipsmaking cuisine and a memorable nightlife.The Serena Beach Hotel and Spa is situated on a white sandy beach dotted with coconut palm trees that offer a unique tropical atmosphere against a background of blue sea water.

This neighborhood will allows you to enjoy the luxury that the Sultans experienced in the ancient times. You should make the most of your stay at the Serena Beach Hotel by swimming in one of Mombasa’s finest swimming pools and spoil yourself at the thatched roofed snack bars.

If you’re looking for a quiet,unspoilt,unique and privacy destination Msambweni Beach House and Private Villas is the place to visit. You will have an opportunity to enjoy great cocktails and a unique atmosphere while overlooking the great Indian Ocean. Msambweni Beach House and Private Villas is surrounded by a twenty-eight acre stretch of natural land. Masmbweni, means “the land of the Sable Anteleope” . For personalized service of staying in one of the luxurious suits in the main building or staying in one of the luxury villas available, Visit Msambweni Beach House and Private Villas and have experience of a lifetime in a country with opportunities for recreation and relaxation as diverse and exciting as the breathtaking natural environments .

Alfajiri, in Diani makes for a true experience of luxury with an African touch. The huge verandas are designed to give a sense of freedom as you vacation on this luxury hotel that is reputed to be one of the best in the coast of East Africa. Alfajiri Villas give you great bird’s eye view of the Indian Ocean. It is located in a relatively elevated position thus giving you breathtaking views of the sunrise every morning and reminding you that you are treading on one of the finest pieces of land on earth. This is where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie vacationed some time ago and their choice was understandable: Afajiri offers plenty of privacy and whether traveling alone, with your partner, or with your family, Alfajiri Villas will be the ideal accommodation option for your African beach safari.

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