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Get Rid of the Discomfort of Heat and Humidity Once and For All with a Misting Fan

Don’t you just enjoy watching a football game or going to a theme park?  I know I do but unfortunately, I only have the time to actually visit during summer but it is just too hot and humid for comfort.  Can you imagine standing in line to ride a rollercoaster and feel like you are melting because of the intense heat?  Thank goodness that there are areas with a misting fan.  It makes standing in line so much better because it gives temporary relief from the heat.

When I go and attend some outdoor event, I make it a point to hang somewhere around the misting fan area.  The rest of the world can melt and suffer but I refuse to do so unless I absolutely have no choice.  Would you rather stick around the intense heat of the sun or feel the cool breeze from a huge fan?  I choose the latter and so does a lot of people that I know.

The sad thing is that some outdoor establishments are not equipped with a misting fan so visitors have no choice but deal with the unbearable heat.  Sure, you can fan yourself and drink all the ice cold sodas that they serve but that just would not suffice.  Even an ice cream cone (or a dozen of it) will eventually leave you sticky.  Nothing works as wondrously as a this special type of fan.

It is a good thing that establishments are paying more attention to the comfort of their visitors so they are putting more and more of those fans in the place so that more people can enjoy the comfort and the non sticky feeling of good breeze.  If you want to bring your own mini fan around, there are portable ones you can buy.  Of course, they don’t work as well as the heavy duty ones but it should suffice if you are under the intense heat of the sun.