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Maternity Clothes Looking And Feeling Your Best During Your Pregnancy

A generation ago, an expanding stomach was something you draped a large, nondescript covering over to hide it from view. Times had changed. Today, pregnant women have an array of maternity clothing options available to them that promise to fit their mood and style as seamlessly as their body. Chic and playful or sophisticated and sassy, these tops, bottoms, dresses, and outfits will add a flare of style without forcing you to sacrifice comfort.

In this article, we’ll explore the main concerns newly-pregnant women have about maternity wear. We’ll provide a few guidelines for building your wardrobe, and explain why a limited budget is rarely an obstacle. If you’re uncertain regarding which pregnancy clothes to buy first, we’ll offer suggestions to get you started.

Building From A Few Easy Guidelines

These maternity wear basics should guide most of your purchases. They’re meant to keep your wardrobe relatively simple, but will help you remain fashionable so you’ll look your best. First, opt for darker tones since they tend to have a slimming effect on your body.

Second, make sure the tops you buy have plenty of room for growth – without drooping off the shoulders. Both your bust and stomach will expand as you move through your second trimester. If your tops are too restrictive, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Third, vertical lines are your friend while you’re pregnant. Horizontal lines, less so. In the same way black has a slimming effect, so too, do clothes with vertical-focused patterns.

New Maternity Clothes On A Budget: Is It Possible?

There was a time long ago when maternity wear was expensive. Back then, there were fewer designers; options were limited for women who wanted to wear comfortable, attractive clothes during their pregnancy. Today, even though there remain high-priced, name-brand designers, most are reasonably-priced to fit a limited budget.

These clothing items often go on sale every season to make room for the new inventory. If you’re willing to wear last year’s styles, you can save a significant amount of money. Also, keep in mind that a growing number of companies are moving their businesses online. Without the expensive overhead associated with operating physical storefronts, these designers can often pass the savings to their customers.

Stocking Your Closet With The Essentials

So, what “must-have” clothing items should be a part of your pregnancy wardrobe? You’ll need plenty of panties and bras, of course. They should be comfortable and supportive without being too restrictive. You’ll also need a few pairs of pants. Drawstrings are often a lifesaver when your body is growing, but you’re not yet ready to buy the next size up. For a more casual look, consider buying one of two pairs of maternity jeans.

Dresses are also a boon because they can be slipped on and off quickly while providing plenty of ventilation. With a few scarves, jackets, and other items, you can mix and match two or three dresses into dozens of outfits.

For shirts, raid your partner’s closet. A button-down Oxford shirt has a clean, crisp look that will feel comfortable and snug at the same time. You’ll also need to buy a few of your own, though. Stretchy shirts and tees, along with a few tank tops, V-necks, blouses, and button-downs will fill your closet with enough variety to mix and match throughout your pregnancy.

Whether you’re dressing for home or the office, casual or something higher-end, you’ll find a wide selection of maternity clothes that can fit the part. Today’s mom-to-be has more pregnancy wear options at her fingertips than previous generations could have fathomed. Start with the basics and pack your closet with the essentials. Then, use the money you’ve saved to splurge on a few attractive outfits that will boost your confidence and mood.

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