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Making The Impossible A Reality With The Green Screen!

Green screen is one of the most popular techniques employed in the creation of flicks. How often have people been awed by the amazing escapades done by super heroes on the big screen? Many have wondered how heroes are able to jump from a tall building without getting hurt, or how a heroine or model is able to travel to different nations in the blinking of an eye. Well, this can all be accomplished by shooting in a local studio with a green backdrop and then inserting a background of any place of imagining that a director wishes.

All this is formed possible with the help of green screen. An actor can go to worlds that she or he has never been, bringing with them scenarios and places that you have only dreamed of, which can be done with the technique of the green screen that is both convenient and cost reductive. This methodology is common on TV.

One of the finest examples where this technique is used is in the weather forecast section in stories. The TV regularly presents someone standing in front of an animated world, talking about the diverse weather conditions around the globe as clouds and raindrops are conjured up on screen. In reality, there is simply a green screen present and later the animation is added to the background. This strategy is followed by almost all the TV networks.

This technique is extremely simple, all an individual wants is a camera, a green screen and video editing software. The person has to make sure that the color is the same thru without even a small change in the shade. The surface must be even while taping or else it’ll be extraordinarily tough to edit that specific segment. Another vital point while using this system is that the subject should contain a touch of the same green color. However, one must note that only a very small portion of the subject can be green or in similar shades. When the topic contains a small portion of green, one can hide or minimize the impact of the edges that might appear if the sides are uneven or not uniform. The part of the topic colored in green must be minimal. Else, when it is edited it will appear as if there is a hole or an empty space in the subject.

Once the green screen is erected, the very next step is to shoot the topic. To achieve perfection using this strategy, the topic should have a well defined outline as it’s going to be easier to trace and cut the topic out and superimpose it onto the new background. There should be no loose edges on the subject and the lighting must be absolutely perfect. The camera should target the subject and not on the background. This is important as the topic may not look clear when it comes time for editing. This technique gives the most satisfactory results when shot in the out of doors.

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