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Luxury Linens : Truth & Lies About Thread Count And More.

Thread count? Need to make a few things clear at first. Numbers can be misleading sometimes. So the higher the thread-count the better the quality, correct?

Not every time when it comes to bed linens, even if thread count is one of the very first things shoppers are looking for.

So what threadcount really means? Thread-count describes how densely a fabric is weaved. A fabric weave is made of vertical and horizontal intertwined yarns. Threadcount is the total number of threads in a square inch of fabric combined, vertical and horizontal. For example a threadcount of 400 would imply 200 horizontal threads and 200 vertical threads. In general a higher count results in a lighter, softer fabric.

However, not all linens are created equal and a higher count does not necessarily account for better quality.

…. And you don’t have to be a techie to choose some great sheets.

Take some time to learn more about luxury linens to be sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

First, you only want fabrics woven with single ply yarns. Double or even triple ply is only good for toilet paper! The double ply on paper makes it stronger and sturdier, which also creates a stiff feeling to fabric. Single ply fabrics make bedlinens feel nice and soft.

Back to the whole threadcount mess! Some manufacturers inflate thread count numbers just for advertising purpose. That’s one of the reason why thread count alone cannot be used as the sole measure of luxury linens quality.

There is a substantial difference in the quality of the yarn used to make the sheets as well. Right! Premium quality, long staple cotton fibers are woven into the finest bed linens. The type of weave is also something that will affect the final product. Sateen weave makes truly luxurious bed linens. It creates a particularly smooth fabric with a luminous shine and a silky lofty hand.

Among all the others Egyptian and Pima cottons raw fibers have earned a reputation for luxury in the world of bed linens. In addition, other natural fibers are becoming increasingly popular as they bring unique qualities. Linens made of organic cotton is becoming one of the hottest pick as environment concern is growing among consumers. Likewise, sheets made from bamboo fiber are more commonly becoming available. Bamboo natural fibers not only are soft and absorbent, but have great antimicrobial properties.

In the end your own touch is the best way to evaluate luxury linens quality. Try on an actual pillow sham to see how it feels. If you are not delighted with your new sheets don’t worry, all retailers give you at least 15 days to return them and get a refund. With bed sheets, comfort is everything. If the fabric feels stiff and coarse, it won’t get any better after washing. Get the most out the time you spend in bed, only go for high quality luxury sheets.

Jay C. Conti Belvivere Luxury Linens CEO & Co-Founder Featured blogger at The Luxury Linens Expert Guide