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Lose Weight Fast And Easy: A Lie?

Lose weight fast and easy. Several ads have captured millions of desperate women who want everything to lose weight fast despite the consequences of the diet plan they are entering. Common to these ads are neither doctor consulted nor the common concept of crash dieting.

Crash dieting is an unhealthy form of dieting that takes into account extreme nutritional deprivation, severely hampering calorie intake. It was ideally meant to rapidly lose weight – not meant for long term use. But this creates an increasing concern for the lack of concern for proper nutrition. It may make you lose a few pounds but in a few days’ time, you’ll regain such loss without integrating another healthier way to lose weight.

The popularity of crash diets have boomed with the advent of Hollywood idealism. Actresses subscribe to a certain diet program to lose weight fast and endorse it to the mass. This could make it even more difficult to traverse since the media has a great influence on people’s decisions. So do they really work? They do but in just about as short as 2 weeks. It should never be used for long term as they can cause severe health problems in the long run. It is never an easy question to ask since it does work but it’s not really that good for you. The best thing to do is ask a valid dietician for a proper and healthier to lose weight without making you suffer.

Crash dieting can result to weight gain. Why? There is a rapid weight gain once you are off this type of diet and rarely while on the diet! Once on the diet, your body will start to adjust by adapting a change in metabolism. Thus, your body does not receive your typical calories it needs to burn making it adjust to burning less. Initially, you will lose weight but eventually there will be paradoxical effects where your body will start to gain rather than lose weight. This makes it more difficult to lose weight.

Since there is already restriction of many kinds of nutrients your body essentially needs, malnutrition is just a step away. This can weaken your immune system, deficiencies, amenorrhea, and other metabolic disorders. Common to crash dieters, they usually develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia which could eventually lead to mental disorders such as depression.

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