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Looking For Cheap Wholesale Jewelry Such As Fashion And Costume Jewelry

One of the best places to find wholesale jewelry such as fashion and costume jewelry at discount prices is a flea market or swap meet. Here you can find a large number of pieces that are sold together as one lot and for one price. Much of this has been accumulated by the seller and they simply either have too much or are trying to make some quick cash. This is primarily found in older costume jewelry.

Flea markets or swap meets are notorious for their large selection of jewelry as well as many of the online auction websites. They sell costume as well as fashion jewelry in large lots known as wholesale lots. This is what happens when you collect too much jewelry and do not know what to do with it all. Most of this jewelry is older, vintage jewelry. Some websites are made up entirely of jewelry sold at wholesale prices.

Choosing the type of jewelry you want to invest in can be a difficult task. There are many types to look at that may be profitable. Fashion jewelry is anything that is in style at the present time. Sometimes a wholesaler will offer you one piece for a specific price. Others offer hundreds of pieces at a discount per piece. Some of the most popular fashion jewelry is body jewelry.

Body jewelry is fashion jewelry because it is in keeping with the styles that are popular at the time. It includes such pieces like nose rings, eyebrow rings, nipple rings, labret rings and many others for different types of body piercings. These can usually be purchased at wholesale prices for much less than what they can be resold.

When buying new jewelry from wholesalers, you get a much better price when you purchase large amounts. One example of this is the purchase of one piece of jewelry for a specified amount but if you purchase a dozen or more of them the price for each one drops. If you buy more, you save more.

If you are looking to invest in vintage jewelry, you should do some research on the various costume jewelry designers and makers. There are hundreds of different companies that once made jewelry but are no longer in business. Many of these pieces of jewelry are very valuable. You do not really know which ones this is until you have researched them.

There are a number of ways to find vintage jewelry at wholesale prices. As mentioned earlier, the best way to find it is large lots at flea markets or swap meets. You may get some rather useless pieces along with some very valuable pieces in these lots and some may need repairs such as rhinestones repaired. This is a simple task though and you can use the useless pieces for parts.

Regardless of whether you want new or vintage jewelry, there is no better method of stocking your inventory than purchasing it as wholesale jewelry such as fashion and costume jewelry. Before investing, make sure to familiarize yourself with the popular styles and determine what is more profitable. Jewelry can be inexpensive while it nets you big money when resold. Once you start buying it you may decide that you want it for your own personal collection.

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