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Looking At Astral Projection For Beginners

If you have the psychic power to separate your sleeping body with that of your alert and focused conscious, and so much so as to be able to project your conscious to come out of your physical body and travel to different ethereal realms, you are said to be a psychic having the special power of astral projection.

Astral Projection for beginners is a tough nut to crack since astral travel pr se is an extremely difficult ability to develop and for beginners the route starts with a lot of failures. Understandably, beginners become frustrated and distressed over the inability to travel to other astral planes making the process all the more difficult.

As the first step towards successful astral projection for beginners, the physical world needs to be managed. Get yourself a space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed by any person or electronic devices. Abstain from having non vegetarian food, caffeine and the like which generates heat and increases the number of thoughts in your mind. When you make the arrangements or walk about the dimly lit room, think of all the problems that you have and thereafter think of a solution however bizarre it may be, so that all surface thoughts leave your mind.

The second step in astral projection for beginners is to try to attain a state of trance. Remember that your basic objective is to make your body sleep, keeping a focused mind. In doing so you might focus on each part of your body, tense up all the muscles and then let them relax one by one. Thereafter, imagine yourself sinking down or feel as if you are sinking or going down a flight of steps. Be careful not to fall asleep and with every breath sink a little further. Concentrate on doing this till the time you sense your body to paralyze which reflects your being in a trance state.

The third step consists of concentration which needs a lot of practice. After you have attained a deep trance, concentrate on a monotonous noise or visualization which would not let any stray thoughts enter your mind. Regular meditation helps a lot in case of beginners. One of the best strategy is to concentrate on something at the back of your head, preferably not a person. Doing this helps to focus your mind on a difficult spot which cannot be seen with your eyes and is a great technique in case of astral projection for beginners.

The fourth difficult step towards astral projection for beginners consists of mastering the ability to control your energy. After you are in a trance condition and have attained a focused state of mind through your concentration, focus on the energy flowing through you. Feel the tingling sensation in your spine and attempt to channelise the flowing energy to your hands. A difficult step to accomplish, imagine making a ball at your finger tips with the energy flowing to your hands.

The last step in astral projection for beginners involve the actual separation of your body from your astral self. In case of beginners, or for that matter anybody else, it is the most vital and crucial stage. For beginners, the best way to do this would be to visualize floating or even climbing out of your own body with a rope and then direct all your attention and channelize all your energies into this vision charging it up so as to counter the pull from your body.

Remember that astral projection for beginners can be as short as few seconds but the main hindrances lie in the distress and frustration that people feel with failed attempts at first as well as the apprehensions regarding whether one can return back to their bodies after astral travel. In the first case, your body will not let you go while in the second case, your astral self would be sucked back into the body immediately. Hence, clear your mind from all negative thoughts and meditate in order to achieve those esoteric heights. Remember that practice and more practice is the only way towards experiencing something great like astral travel.

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