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Look Great All Summer Long Using Permanent Make-Up

There are a few good reasons why so many of us look forward to summer: The weather, the long days, the memories and of course, holidays and partying! There can be few things more relaxing than lying on a beach, listening to the waves rolling in and chilling to some cool music. Holidays are a great time to relax and usually the only things to think about are where to eat next and what to wear.

Sandals, shades, shorts and that unmistakable smell of sun cream – all signs that summer has truly arrived. Leaving your coat at home, with your scarf and gloves promotes a new sense of freedom. Get all of your winter clothes packed away and roll out your t-shirts, flip flops and shorts. These are moments that can cheer up even the most miserable of people and coupled with some nice weather it’s a perfect combination.

To match your summer clothes you will also need to review your summer hair and make-up regime. It is a good time to change your hair style or maybe try a new colour of make-up as in the summer everything seems that little bit more vibrant and exciting anyway. As long as you protect your hair and skin from too much prolonged sun exposure that is the most important thing, skin especially can be damaged permanently if not properly protected from the sun.

One of the last things most people feel like doing when the sun is beating down is to apply makeup. Not only does it seem to make the skin seem sticky it also doesn’t tend to last very long before it needs to be reapplied. A quick swim in the sea or a game of water polo in the pool and that is it for the makeup, it will be ruined and need to be reapplied. Permanent makeup alleviates these problems and makes it possible to wear makeup and enjoy the full freedom of summer and being on holiday.

If permanent makeup is rubbed with a towel or washed it still will not change. Eyebrows and lips are popular areas for treatment and tend to give the most noticeable results. The professionally applied look will of course last as well, though if you do need to add that extra bit of glamour then traditional makeup can be applied over the top and add that extra bit of sparkle.

If you enjoy the beach and being out in the sun on holiday, then permanent makeup could lead to an even more enjoyable time for you. Removing the stress of having to worry about your makeup should lead to a more relaxing holiday and an added bonus; it will still be there when you come home so you can continue to reap the benefits.

If you are interested in having permanent eye makeup treatment this summer ensure you consult a reputable, professional makeup service who can talk through the procedure and answer any questions before you proceed.