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Living Life as an Internet Marketer

I currently reside on the Gold Coast of Australia, in a tiny suburb by the name of Mermaid Beach. It resembles a big country town and is a sunny, pleasant area to live in. It’s not big enough for a person to get too caught up that they forget about everyday blessings, but not too small that you lose the perks of living in a relatively populated area.

At the moment we are expecting a baby, which has been a surprise, albeit one that has brought us even closer to one another. Sitting there at home observing my pregnant partner snooze on the couch, I was all of a sudden overcome by gratitude, a feeling that I am so lucky to be living the life I have created for myself. I no longer have to commute to work: I get to spend my days at home thanks to the internet business I run.

Rather than driving to the office every morning, I merely get up at the hour my body chooses and head down to surf in the sea, which is no more than 2 minutes from my door. After that, once my arms can no longer handle the paddling on the board, I go to fetch a latte from my local cafe just down the road and sit down for a few short hours reviewing my sites and writing articles similar to the one you’re reading now. In this way, I keep optimizing the performance of my sites and guaranteeing that tomorrow, like today, I won’t have to head into an office to work.

Then, right about the time I eat lunch, the postman will pass by. This is the most exhilarating moment of the day, as he often brings me the checks that make all of this a feasible and livable job, how lucky I am!

I know exactly why I am that lucky: the reason is that I have acquired the skills and adeptness to sell services and products on the web. I would without a doubt be a flop in the real, physical world of sales, as I lack the thick skin to handle the frequent rejection. Yet on the web, oh boy can I sell.

The most fundamental reason for my ability to become successful in this kind of work is the fact that I studied and came to acquire the techniques and skills needed for robust internet marketing, the ability to turn a website into a veritable cash machine. I settled for nothing short of the best when choosing where to learn and thanks to that I never fail to seize opportunities to grow and become better. Ultimately, complacency needs to be completely alien to the world of internet marketing!

So no, I just can’t understand why people complain about the jobs that they hate, yet do nothing to change their skill sets, or enhance their opportunities to find different work, or turn the things they love into a career, or bring their art into their working lives. All it takes is a little deliberate planning a decent amount of commitment, and a little bit of hard work to see it through. Ahh, that’s it, work. I do see now. Its like how Thomas Edison said it.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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