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Little Homes Make Giant Splash In meridian idaho home search!

Many home buyers toward are edging toward a tendency many real estate industry scholars are surprised with; smaller and more affordable housing. It is reported that nearly 60% of the builders in the United States are building smaller scale homes, by the American Institute of Architects, and the higher demand for such construction is reinforced by the reduction in other costs of housing.

As the latest financial tsunami rolled across the financial landscape in late 2007, many home buyers and builders read the writing on the wall and started choosing smaller houses over the giant residences of the prior years. With the lack of money came a desire for a smaller home that worked and the square footage average dropped by over 300 square feet.

Many of the newer residences are even being built from salvage parts further reducing their costs. Many of the smaller scale houses that are being built are utilizing wood from old barns that are being torn down, or even older homes that are no longer able to be occupied.

The comparatively low price of 40-90 thousand dollars for a smaller scale home illustrates their true value, especially when viewed in the light of homeowners still receiving luxuries like modern homes.

The small homes one California builder makes can be put on a foundation or on wheels. The retail costs for his plans are around one thousand dollars and they are erected for the mid thirties. He relates constructing a small home to tailoring a suit. Each plan has the homeowner in mind and is adapted to fit any specific desire or need they may express. The traditional construction that many small houses have to utilize are space savers like build in cupboards and storage space.

Even big companies like Lowe’s home improvement stores sell a model of a kit home that is designed for owner construction to save you money.

Given the tendency of people with extra room to accumulate more stuff, the little home size helps many people deal with the materialist nature we all tend to have. Many homeowners are taking those exact thoughts to heart and exchanging their energy “McMansions” for smaller, if not more humble homes.

Many people prefer the modern features of larger homes, but you do not have to go without when you buy a little home. The appliances in the smaller scale residences do not have to scaled down due to the incorporation of double door refrigerators and claw foot tubs. The green houses angle is one that cannot be overlooked in terms of a little home size either.

Not only do smaller residences have a lower mortgage payment but they also have reduced energy expenses. The smaller scale homes tend to have an 8 foot ceiling height which is more energy compliant than a vaulted or cathedral ceiling. With fewer square feet in the floorplan, smaller houses require less energy to either heat or cool them off so you can save on your energy costs in a big way with them.

Finally, have a smaller home erected will not only keep your bills down, but it can also increase the recreational value of your home. With a smaller portion of your building lot taken up by the building, you can use more of it to grow tomatoes, raise goats or other pets, or any other recreational pursuit you may choose. You can even put that horseshoe pit in that you have been dreaming of!

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