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Liposuction And Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been thinking about liposuction, then you are not alone. Many individuals out there are going through the exact same problems that you are going through. You see, many people want to lose weight in one way or another and when all of those diet plans fail, they start looking towards this popular procedure. Did we just say that this is a popular procedure? We sure did. We are sure you have heard many stories about this procedure. Basically, it is there in order to help you lose weight. It is something that many indviduals turn to as a last resort. Pay attention to what we have to say because we will be giving you some FAQ’s about liposuction.

Is there anything we need to know about before we go through with this procedure? Before liposuction is performed, you will sit down with your plastic surgeon. At this moment, the surgeon will be asking you a number of questions pertaining to your health. They will also look at your family health history. You will also be evaluated in order to determine if you are fit enough to go through with the surgery. If they find that you are at higher risks of complications, then they are going to tell you. It is you choice to have this surgery done.

The surgeon may even suggest that you try another method before you go through with this. If you decide upon going through with this procedure, then your surgeon will give you a print out of instructions that you need to follow before you go in to get the surgery done.

How is this process going to be performed? When this surgery is done, they will be making a couple of incisions in the areas of interest. They will be doing this with a vacuum suction device with a cannula attached at the end of it.

Before you ask what a cannula is, it is an instrument that is stainless steel and is used for removing fat cells from the body. When those fat cells have been moved, the surgeon will be place stitches on the incisions. They will dress the wounds and put a girdle on you. The girdle will be used in order to help prevent swelling.

Are there different techniques used during liposuction? There may be different techniques, but the basics of this process are going to remain the same. During tumescent liposuction, the surgeon is going to inject a solution into those fatty areas before they remove them. This solution will consist of local anesthetic, intravenous salt water and epinephrine.

Will there be any complications or risks? There is always risks with any surgery and those risks will be discussed with your surgeon. Some of those include infection, swelling, anesthesia, bleeding and unfortunately, pain.

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