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Leeza Gibbons Makeup

Before going into the details about Leeza Gibbons make up line, it is important to know who she is. She has held a number of acting roles before but, her main one still remains as an American talk show host. As a TV personality, she has to always look her best.

The Leeza Gibbons make up range is called Sheer Cover. Sheer Cover was launched in the 2000s. She started this line of mineral make up products together with Guthy-Renker. Right now, her make up is said to be one of the best among the range of mineral make up products. As you may know, mineral make up is the latest ‘innovation’ or ‘trend’.

According to Ms. Gibbons, this whole range of make up products was created mainly to help those who suffer from serious skin problems like birth scars, acne, sun damage and scars. Even if you are not facing any skin problem whatsoever, it does not matter. You can still use this make up to bring a healthy and natural glow on your face.

For those who have never heard of mineral make up, this range of make up is the latest ‘craze’ these days. Ms. Gibbons makeup uses pure earth minerals in manufacturing her line and contains no harsh chemicals. There are various foundation shades that go well with any skin color or tone.

Leeza Gibbons makeup contains ingredients like zinc oxide, aspalathus linearis and bismuth oxycholoride. Zinc oxide gives natural skin protection against the sun. In the case of aspalathus linearis or rooibos tea, it is an anti-oxidant, giving anti-aging properties to her make up line. Bismuth gives a pearly glow to the skin but may irritate some, although this rarely happens.

If you want to buy her make up, simply go to the Sheer Cover website. For online orders, products are normally delivered for free. If this is your very first order of her make up products, try the starter kit which contains 14 different make up items and a special instructional DVD. This DVD features both Leeza Gibbons and Lisa Garner, the make up artist for Sheer Cover.

Leeza Gibbons makeup blows away the rest of the pack when it comes to coverage. Aptly named Sheer Cover, this mineral makeup evens out skin tone with exceptional coverage and a flawless finish. Your skin ends up feeling nearly bare but looking wonderful and all without the heaviness associated with regular makeup.

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