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Leather Coat – Finding The Perfect Style For You

In the past 50 years of its popularity, the leather coat has never gone out of style or simply faded out. Though they have evolved much over the years, their cool symbol status remains intact, and people still clamor over getting the perfect coat. Leather jackets fall into this same line, as both have remained popular throughout the decades.

Everyone has watched movies where either a protagonist or antagonist wears a leather coat. The coat somehow makes them seem more intimidating or cool, doesn’t it? It always does, unless that character is the completely opposite of the type who would normally wear that type of coat. The fact of the matter is that coats made of leather really can not be worn with any specific outfit, but they can be worn with almost every outfit.

Plaid is just about the only thing that does not work well with a leather coat. Some things are just not meant to be, and plaid mixed with leather happens to be one of them. Suspenders are another no-no as they seem to be the very epitome of “uncool”, but these two items barely ever factor into most people’s outfit choice.

Besides how cool these coats look, they are also very durable and warm. You can not get much warmer in the winter than when you are wearing a nice coat made of leather, and the best part is that you can likely wear that coat for years and years to come. A good one will last you more than just a few years, but also a few decades. Many people who purchased them in the 70’s or 80’s still have them today, and they are not about to fall apart at the seams yet.

Finding the perfect one for your style can be a bit difficult. If you are truly looking for something warm, then you naturally want a coat that is large and thick. There is no point in getting a coat for cold weather if it is too thin, especially one that is made with leather. However, if you are just looking for one to be stylish you do not need to get one that is thick. It is also worth mentioning that those that are thick are also more expensive most of the time, so if you are on a budget it might be difficult for you to afford a leather winter coat.

Imitation leather is an option, but anyone who has ever worn a real leather coat knows the difference. While imitation leather is a option if you are on a tight budget, saving up some to get the real thing will be more than worth it, as real leather lasts several times as long as imitation.

Whether the weather is mild or cold, leather coats are very durable and stylish.