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Learn How To Attract Women

Do you want to know how to attract women?

The great thing to know is that there is no rule set in stone about what to do to attract women.

But, that’s not a good thing.

Since I can only give you guidelines I can’t give you the exact script on what to say to guarantee your success.

What I can provide you with is a list of common elements that women in general find attractive. If you have these qualities in your personality, then you will attract women.

Getting women does not require you to have a lot of money, be good looking or any of the other stuff the media says you need. Having heaps of money and being good looking is not a bad thing though, just not required.

So the things you need to know in order learn how to attract women are:

*You let her know that you are interested more than being just a friend: What’s the reason for this being so? If you find yourself in the friend zone, then you will be in the wrong part of a woman’s mind. You will not be in a place where you are considered to be romantic relationship material. I do not know why. It just so happens in that way.

*You let her know that youre a man ” Girls like guys acting like guys. So why do guys act like women? I must be with the idea that society brain washes you to believe that somehow you need to be that type of metro sensitive male. But you know

Women have liked men who have acted like men for well before metrosexuals came on this earth!

Maybe it would be likely that if you stopped acting like a girl, and being fussy or whiney then you would get women!

* You demonstrate to her that youre a high value male ” Remember how I told you that girls like guys who act like guys? The reason for this is, because by being dominant and being a male, you are demonstrating to her that you are a high status person. You don’t even need cars, looks or money for her to know this!

You don’t need to do much but show her that you have these elements of a high status male as part of your persona!

Above was a short summary of ideas that you needed to know if you want to learn how to get women. Learn more by clicking here: How To Attract A Woman

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