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Korean Cosmetics: Why Do Asians Love These Products?

Korean cosmetics are a hit in Asia and quite impressively, they are capturing the Western lands as well with similar prominence.

Enter into a beauty shop and Korean cosmetics can never be missed. Their popularity goes beyond the Korean borders. With the widespread fame of Korean pop culture, Koreans’ influence on other people has gone a long way – from fashion statements, to hairstyles, to cosmetics, and more.

A number of Korean cosmetic brands are still young in the market, but they have been recognized so easily that their competitors have been dramatically challenged. In fact in 2009, Korea’s cosmetics industry increased 12.5% to US$6.4 billion.

Top Korean cosmetic brands like The Face Shop, Missha, Skinfood, and Innisfree are all manufactured from pure, natural ingredients, which make them all the more appealing to beauty aficionados. They are beautifully and fashionably boxed that women are so drawn to them. This kind of packaging is deemed highly necessary for stylish women.

The high spending on cosmetics and skincare products in Korea are never a question as being physically beautiful is a big deal to South Koreans. And because they have sort of set the standards for what beauty should be – fresh-looking, chiseled face, flawless and translucent skin -, other Asians are looking up to, imitating them.

You can see how a deal of Asian women are going crazy for over Korean products. One evident edge of Korean cosmetics over their counterparts is the price. Apparently, Korean cosmetics are cheaper than other top Asian and Western brands yet promise the same or even better results. Furthermore, Korean cosmetics are cheap as they follow a simplified distribution scheme (from headquarters straight to distribution outlets) thereby lowering operational costs.

Korean cosmetics have established their niche all through out the world so that Korea’s image has gone from kimchi to everything.

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