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Knoxville Orthodontist Dr. Rodney Mayberry Helps Locals Safely Relieve Tooth Pain

Going to the dentist is a fear shared by many. It is no wonder then that people endure tooth pain and would only consider going to the dentist once it becomes unbearable. The good thing though is Dr. Rodney Mayberry, a known Knoxville Orthodontist, can readily aid you in relieving tooth pain effectively.

Dr. Mayberry’s expertise will ensure that your visit to his clinic will be fully pain free. He is qualified to perform orthodontic procedures and care that will greatly ease up toothaches. Before any tooth procedure begins, he uses a very mild injection to numb the area.

Having regular oral care is very important in preventing agonizing tooth pain. If it still occurs, then you need to have a dental check-up. Sometimes the problem could be more than just an oral problem. It could be a manifestation of a deeper problem. For instance, pain the lower jaw could sometimes be a sign of heart illness.

It is important to first remember that the cause for the pain in tooth varies. The most common cause is sensitive teeth. Another is problems in the sinus area. Bruxism or teeth grinding can also cause toothaches. If the pain gets in the way especially at work then you should visit Dr. Mayberry.

Cold compress will also alleviate pain the tooth a bit. You can put the cold compress on the cheek near the affected tooth. Rinsing your mouth with a salt and warm water solution is another effective way to ease the pain. Hoisting yourself up will also ease the pressure on the painful tooth.

A severe toothache needs to be looked at by a dentist right away. Dr. Rodney Mayberry can help you find the best treatment to stop pain. The use of braces is also good for toothaches. This Knoxville orthodontist uses ceramic, invisible or standard metal braces for such dental procedures. With the capable help of Dr. Mayberry you will have your smile back after the treatment.

A lot of people seem to fear going to the dentist. But fear no more because this Knoxville Orthodontist Dr. Rodney Mayberry can help locals safely relieve tooth pain. More info now on