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Knowing The Right Fragrance For You

If you are unsure of what kind of perfume to buy, you may want to visit your nearest fragrances outlet to give you an idea of the fragrances that will suit your character and the season. If you are looking for your signature fragrance, you may want to shop first and try on some fragrances on yourself. There is a misconception that if a perfume smells good on somebody, it also smells good on you.

Check it on your skin. The fragrance may smell differently when you spritz it on air or on somebody else. Your body chemistry differs and there are different chemical reactions to fragrances. Bring along a friend to ask for an opinion on what may smell good on you. Your signature fragrance may also smell differently on every season so make sure it will still smell the same.

Fragrances outlets can get you extra vials to test new fragrances if you have purchased a certain number of perfumes. There are also promotional offers and other discounts that you can get when buying. Therefore, it is better to have a wholesale purchase with your friends or family. For gifts, there are packages that fragrances outlets make available. Frequent buyers may also have loyalty cards and privileges that other buyers may not have.

If you are however, unsure of what fragrances to buy, shop around fragrance outlets that gives you samples. It is not advisable to just smell it from somebody and assume that it would smell the same on you since your body chemistry may differ. Instead, ask for the name of the fragrance and try it on yourself. This way, you will have an actual idea and will not feel bad on buying a perfume that you will not wear.

Depending on the season, there are also different fragrances available in fragrances outlets. Aside from the occasion that you go to, the seasons also demand different fragrances. Light, fruity and floral scents are recommended for summer and spring, while winter and fall requires a stronger scent that would not be overshadowed with the cold weather. Daily feminine scents like Ghost perfume is one neutral scent that you can try for casual wear.

Applying or spraying perfume near pearls or jewellery may cause allergic reaction to your skin. Since perfumes contain alcohol, chemical reactions of alcohol and metals may get to your skin, causing allergic reactions or adverse skin conditions. Certain concentrations depend on the kind of fragrances. Perfume has the most concentration followed by eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne with the weakest scent. For men, eau de toilette is the strongest, with eau de cologne and cologne next. Aftershave has the slightest scent. For more information on the kinds of notes and fragrances, search on the internet or ask your fragrances outlet attendant.

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