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Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Girls – Sexy, Hot And Traditional

If a person says Japanese tattoos the most common image that comes to most people’s mind is the Yakuza full body tattoos and some murky gang related design. However, tattooing has changed drastically over the last ten years both the United States and more recently worldwide. In the west many women are turning to the rich and deep tattooing traditions and designs of the Japanese for inspirations for their designs. If you have been thinking about getting such a design but not sure about it then this article is for you.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs And Ideas – One of the most popular designs right now that men and women are choosing to get inked are the traditional Japanese koi fish tattoos. These tattoos featuring a large orange colored koi fish that is splashing in the water as it swims up stream. It was believed the koi fish would swim back up stream against the current. They would eventually reach a waterfall which they would ascend and turn into a dragon and then fly off into the sky or heavens. Thus the koi is a symbol for strength, individuality and power. The koi was also thought to bravely site and accept it fate when placed on the cutting board before being chopped up for a meal. It was stated that the koi fish did not wiggle when placed on the cutting board. Thus the symbolism and meaning have become very powerful and popular for many women and even many men here in the west. That coupled with the beauty of the large fish splashing against a beautiful blue watered background is a perfect combination.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos Cherry blossoms have also been used throughout traditional Japanese tattooing. Originally cherry blossoms were a revered flower and a symbol that many samurai held close to the hearts. In fact many of the most famous samurai would write poems about the cherry blossom. They felt it represented life and symbolized the temporary existence of life. It therefore acted as a very powerful reminder and symbol to live each day to the fullest since life ends quickly and is delicate like the cherry blossom. Again this is a wonderful symbol that is full of meaning. It looks beautiful and delicate as well as has power behind it. They also can make a great tattoo design. You can choose to do a large tattoo design of the whole cherry blossom tree, just a branch of even just the fallen petals in the snow or water all very deeply symbolic and beautiful.

Geisha Tattoos And Women – There are many stereotypes and misconceptions regarding the Geisha of Japan. They were not mere hookers but instead highly trained entertainers. They were are still are to this day often viewed as the carriers and holders of the most traditional values and customs of the Japanese culture. The Geisha were trained in the traditional arts including musical, acting and entertaining. Yes some of them might have been paid for sex but for the most part this was not the common practice. Instead they were viewed as carriers of the culture and highly trained and skilled entertainers. They could put on wonderful plays as well as play traditional musical instruments and perform the tea ceremony. They fame was depicting often in the wood cut art that was very popular in Japan. Pictures or wood cuts to be more accurate of the “Floating World” often portrayed Geisha with samurai and high government officials. Eventually these beautiful wood cut designs became so popular that they were put onto the skin permanently in tattoos. A Geisha tattoo these days can be a symbol of beauty and feminine power.

There are of course are many famous and powerful tattoo symbols within the world of Japanese tattoo art. These are just a few of the ones that often speak to women. The symbols above all hold a bit of the feminine power, mystique and beauty that can often become a powerful tattoo. In the west more and more women are choosing to get these very traditional Japanese tattoo designs. Hopefully from the ideas above your own mind will start thinking of what tattoo you would like.

Whenever you are trying to choose a tattoo design it is always important to remember to take your time. Don’t rush into getting a tattoo just to have one as you might regret the choice later. Take your time and do your research. Find out about all of the possibilities that are out there. Also choose the tattoo artist carefully trying to find someone that specializes in the design style that you want and someone that will listen to your ideas carefully.

If you still want a tattoo and are not sure what to get or just want to do some further research and look at possible tattoo design then you have to check out this incredible free site Koi Meaning. There are a ton of super hot tattoo designs, gallery, videos and ideas to help you find your ideal tattoo. Check out Fish Full Sleeve Tattoo